Malaysia International & Domestic Ocean Sea Freight Services Provider


Freight Forwarding Malaysia specializes in providing international & domestic ocean sea freight forwarding services to companies large or small. We are an integral part of our clients export departments, offering custom clearance tailored ocean / sea freight logistics solutions for a wide variety of cargo no matter LCL or FCL.

Malaysia Worldwide Air Freight Services Provider


Freight Forwarding Malaysia specializes in providing expert international & domestic air freight forwarding services to companies large or small. We are an integral part of our clients export departments, offering custom tailored air freight logistics solutions for a wide variety of cargo. From small express shipments to large scale projects, our air cargo division is well equipped with the latest software and a large network across the globe, assuring your shipments are handled with the optimal care.

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Malaysia Leading International, Domestic Sea Freight and Air Freight Forwarder
Malaysia Cargo Insurance Services Provider

Cargo Insurance Services

Freight Forwarding Malaysia provide shipping cargo insurance services for shipments worldwide that offer you financial protection against the risk of physical loss or damage, from almost any external cause.

Malaysia Custom Clearance Services Provider

Customs Brokerage Services

Freight Forwarding Malaysia clear imports through Malaysia customs from large volume imports to small container loadings. We deliver quick & easy with our customs brokerage programs to out clients importers.

Malaysia Global Logistics Company

Global Logistics Company

Freight Forwarding Malaysia offer services to handle and manage import or export FCL / LCL (seafreight) cargo in Malaysia. As your cargo shipping’s representative, we will handle all the port related items for you regardless of size.

Malaysia Forwarding Agent – Company

Freight Forwarding Malaysia is an Independent Malaysia Freight Forwarding and Transportation Company based on Selangor state that aims to provide freight forwarding services that are tailored to your needs. We ensure that, not only does your cargo arrive at your customers at the right time, but that this is also achieved safely, economically and efficiently.

We provide international or domestic sea freight, air freight and door to door services for both the business and personal effects markets and are committed to understanding your needs in order to provide the best in freight forwarding services.

Import Export Basics Knowledge In Malaysia

Custom Brokerage – Customs Broking

Customs broking or customs brokerage is a profession that involves the “clearing” of goods through customs barriers for importers and exporters (usually businesses). This involves the preparation of documents and/or electronic submissions, the calculation and payment of taxes, duties and excises, and facilitating communication between government authorities and importers and exporters.

Custom brokers may be employed by or affiliated with freight forwarders, independent businesses, or shipping lines, importers, exporters, trade authorities, and customs brokerage firms.

Marine Insurance

Marine insurance covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals, and any transport or cargo by which property is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and final destination. Cargo insurance — discussed here — is a sub-branch of marine insurance, though Marine also includes Onshore and Offshore exposed property, (container terminals, ports, oil platforms, pipelines), Hull, Marine Casualty, and Marine Liability. When goods are transported by mail or courier, shipping insurance is used instead.

GST Tax – Goods and Services Tax

A goods and services tax in Malaysia (GST), a value added tax, was scheduled to be implemented by the government during the third quarter of 2011, but the implementation was delayed until 1 April 2015. Its purpose is to replace the sales and service tax which has been used in the country for several decades. The 6% tax will replace a sales-and-service tax of between 5–10%.

Import Tax – Import Duty

Duty rates in Malaysia vary from 0% to 50%, with an average duty rate of 5.74%. Some goods are not subject to duty (e.g. laptops, electric guitars and other electronic products). Imports are subject to GST at a standard rate of 6% of the sum of the CIF value, duty and any excise if applicable.

Freight Forwarder – Forwarding Agent

Freight forwarder or forwarding agent is someone used by companies as a necessity that deal in worldwide or multi national export and import product services. A freight forwarder doesn’t actually move the goods itself but rather acts as a third party between the customer and the transport of the goods whether it be by air freight, sea freight or land freight.

Freight forwarder provide logical and professional shipping solutions to any client requiring their expertise. Although international freight shipping might seem like a straight forward affair, unless you are well versed in the many treaties governing international trade and import or export restrictions, then you might run into unforeseen problems even if all you are shipping are your personal belongings.

Air Freight – Air Cargo

Air Freight is the type of shipping which means that goods are transported by air plane. Such way of delivery is used when cargo must be shipped abroad to the country located at the different location. There will be same day and next day delivery to the neighbour city of state is also possible by air freight shipment.

Sea Freight – Ocean Freight

Sea Freight shipping involves the transport of goods and parcels in cargo ships which move on water whether in oceans or major rivers and seas.

Sea Freight services are considerably cheaper when compared to air freight transport. Goods that are sent via this mode of forwarding are always on large quantity, heavy and some cannot be sent using other modes of shipping services due to the competitive shipping rates.

LCL Shipment – Less Than Container Load

Less than container load is a shipment that will not fill a container. If a shipper does not have enough cargo to accommodate in a fully loaded container. On LCL shipment, you pay for your load to be shipped in a container with one or more loads from other shippers of the freight transport provider. If you know that you cannot fill even a 20-foot or 40-foot container, LCL is the most sensible option in terms of cost effective and convenience.

FCL Shipment – Full Container Load

FCL is the abbreviation for a “Full Container Load” used in the shipping Industry for sea freight cargo. It is the standard form of shipping freight for those who have a large amount of goods to send. If shipper has cargo to accommodate in one full container load, FCL (Full Container Load) will be book to stuff cargo. In an FCL cargo, the complete goods in the said container owns by one shipper. Normally exclusive use of a dedicated sea freight container will be a 20ft or 40ft container.

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