Australian Customs and Border Protection (ACBPS) Takano companies have begun to provide professional-wheeled car enthusiasts prosecution. Customs said the forged documents were used to aluminum car wheels without paying anti-dumping duties.

Three with an unnamed official freight forwarding company has also targeted.

The ACBPS said Takano import cover aluminum wheels without paying the appropriate anti-dumping duties. It said the company used false documents to conceal the true source of the goods and obtaining financial advantage.

It said the cost method involves multiple inputs, it indicates a system is taken to avoid responsibility.

Associated with a freight broker in Australia three people have been charged with one count of aiding, abetting, counseling or procuring importer.

A spokesman said the scam cooperation services in different parts of the entire supply chain to achieve serious.

“While avoiding the income in this case the value is in the low end of the scale, individuals suspected of involvement in the supply chain to work to increase the seriousness of the matter,” he told ATN.

“We will continue to seek to bypass the network to facilitate trade laws, undermine Australia’s competitiveness against unscrupulous individuals and fraud.

“Dishonest business practices did not happen here.”

Command individual charges, the maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment involved.

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